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Our Adv​enture

How the Lord brought a Texas rooted girl and a California uprooted girl together - quickly became friends, who jumped on the adventure wagon as not only friends but turned into an business adventure.

The love we have for family, friends and we love meeting new people. 

Viv is a native Austinite, she loves gardening, ranching, her longhorns, canoeing and going on missions to serve others. 

Danna is a native to Southern California, she loves craft projects, cooking, Formula 1 and trips home to SoCal to visit family. She, like Viv, shares the love of missions and serving others.

We both love sweet tea, Mexican food, any and all flowers, de​signing any space, travel ( especially with turquoise waters involved), new adventures, Junk yard warriors, chalk painting anything and everything, draping fabrics everywhere we go and maybe adding flowers if they allow us!... haha. We love being out and about looking for those perfect pieces at any Junk yard spot, searching old barns, buy sell pages and always Round Top trips.  We have fun dying bucket loads of fabric for custom back drops, chair sashes, draping everything and shabby​ chic fabrics strip back drops. We have found that we love working together on finding the perfect pieces for weddings or any special event.  We are both so thankful for our amazing husbands who put up with our crazy adventures and the times our homes are covered in projects or flowers. 

And remember........always FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!!

One of our biggest passions is community and world outreach. Our hearts were so thrilled to be in the sweet land of Swaziland back in 2015. The pictures above are some of the awesome people that live there.  Our hearts are forever in Swaziland.

And then locally last year we had the opportunity to create, design and setup tables for 1000 people at a fundraiser for the Agape Pregnancy Center. We strive to serve our community in many ways and love meeting new people.

Before Southern Flower Bucket Viv was the sole owner of Fairy Tale Weddings & Events from 2000 to 2010. The magazine article above from Austin Wedding Day showcases one of the many weddings that her company was thrilled to be apart of.

"Words cannot express the incredible job that Vivian did," said Sabrina, the bride. "She was a dream come true."

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