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Dalton & Miranda's Wedding

Photos by Bill of 

Image Eclectic Photography

Danna and Viv of Southern Flower Bucket are so much more than florists. They are wedding designers and event planners. We are thrilled to have found them and proud to recommend them to others.

We hosted our daughter's wedding at Highpointe Estate, in Liberty Hill, TX. (We also LOVE that place and highly recommend it). The ladies of SFB spent many hours understanding our daughter's style (and our budget). Through in-person and virtual consultations, they nailed it! Come wedding day, they were there to decorate everything!

On the day of the wedding, these two ladies began setting up at 9AM and weren't out until everything was perfect at 5PM. First, the alter was dressed with large floral displays and each row in the chapel was "kissed" with a babies breath bundle. The foyer of the venue also included little touches of fresh floral and shabby chic décor to dress up the sign-in table and gift table. Next, the cocktail hour was complete with an outdoor BOHO photo backdrop. Last but not least, a unique shabby chic centerpiece was created on each of the 14 tables in the grand hall of the venue. Not a small undertaking! The backdrop couldn't have been better but I will say that the floral/décor was the best cherry on top! At 10PM, they arrived again to begin cleaning up and breaking down. It was so great to know that we, as the parents of the bride, didn't have to worry about all that!

Jen ( Mother of the Bride)

Garrett & Corina's Wedding

Photos by Katie Fears of 

Brio Art Photography

Photos by Katie Fears of Brio Art Photography

Photo by Katie Fears of Brio Art Photography

Photos by Katie Fears of Brio Art Photography

Photo by Katie Fears of

Brio Art Photography

Photo by Katie Fears of Brio Art Photography

 Photo by Katie Fears of Brio Art Photography

Photo by Katie Fears of Brio Art Photography 

Working ​with Southern Floral Bucket was an absolutely tremendous experience from start to finish. Personal friends of the bride and groom, Danna and Viv went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect for such a special day.

From the beginning, Danna and Viv were thorough in their proposal, upfront with all costs and openly willing to work with the client to make sure that the florals remained within the approved budget yet brought the couple’s vision to life. They carried a positive attitude throughout the entire process and a willingness to be flexible in taking calls and meetings when it worked for everyone else’s schedule. Their vision remained clear and defined as we worked on the details: the wedding needed to be everything the couple envisioned, and it needed to work well together. Southern Floral Bucket always asked the right questions, including the thickness of the rose petal coverage desired down the aisle, and had great attention to detail in matching the fabric swatches with the rose petals and the maid of honor dress with the flowers in the bouquet. Danna and Viv personally selected the lanterns and vases that adorned the tables and they single handedly assembled all of the flowers on the day of the wedding with extreme love and care.

In addition to managing all of the requests in the initial proposal, they also accommodated a last-minute change the week of the wedding for additional arrangements and brought plenty of extra flowers should we have needed to fill-in any holes in décor. Upon on-site delivery and set up, everything was verified before completing and it looked stunning. They also provided a thorough list of all items brought on-site so that we knew exactly what needed to be returned.

Danna and Viv were always extremely positive, brought added creativity to all of the designs and demonstrated thoughtfulness throughout the process. They were reassuring and their kindness made it such that you couldn’t help but trust that they had everything covered. I highly recommend working with both of these highly talented ladies and let them bring your next vision to life!

Sydney Loyed - Wedding Coordinator

Rick & Jean's Wedding

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Southern Flower Bucket was the perfect choice for my fall wedding. Vivian Miller and Danna Chandler were so wonderful about helping me through my options for choosing flowers for my bridal bouquet and all the other flowers at our wedding.  These ladies are truly the best at what they do!  They have the perfect personal touch.  And they are priced very reasonably, as well.  Any time I need flowers, I will be contacting them again.  I highly recommend them for all your floral needs.


Kris & Lainey's Wedding

Photo by Sasha Haagensen Photography

Photos by Sasha Haagensen


Photos by Sasha Haagensen Photography

Photo by Sasha Haagensen Photography

Photo by Sasha Haagensen 


Photo by Sasha Haagensen Photography

Photo by Sasha Haagensen Photography

Photo by Sasha Haagensen Photography

Photo by​ Sasha Haagensen


 Bamboo Plates by the awesome Vanilla Orchid Catering Co.

Photo by Sasha Haagensen Photography

I can’t thank you both enough for everything that you did to make our Memorial Day wedding the exquisitely beautiful wedding of our dreams. I am so glad I hadn’t had my make-up done yet when I walked into the venue that morning, because as you know, I burst into tears! I just simply couldn’t believe how you had transformed a simple wood barn into such a breath-taking wonderland. I knew that your decorations and arrangements would be incredible, but what you created surpassed my wildest imaginations and I was speechless.

The “Kids Camp” you built in the reception hall was just perfect. It provided not only the most adorable photo ops but also fun activities to occupy little hands during the reception. Everyone raved about the cute lace teepee! The adornments you added to the stage and patio were so lovely, I never wanted to stop dancing and leave, no matter how hot the Texas sun was that day!

What touched me most about your work was the obvious care and thought that you put in to each piece. In the generous time that you spent consulting with me during our planning, you really took the time to get to know me and Kris, as a couple, and who we were and what was important to us. You spent time with my maid of honor and mother in law, and by the end of it all, it really felt like you both were a part of our family! What you created wasn’t just a reflection of your own artistry, though it was that, it was also a reflection of us. And I think that’s where my tears really came from.

I can’t believe the extraordinary lengths you both went to to make our day so special. Your florals and décor really were the highlight of our beautiful day and I wish there was some way I could let you know how much your work really meant to me. Until then I’ll just keep popping by to see you and “Petunia” when you pop up at the Farmer’s Market to say “THANK YOU!!”

Alain "Lainey" 

Steve & Jessica's Wedding

So the wedding was much different than planned because of the pandemic. But it was more romantic and beautiful than we could have ever hoped for. Thank you for the beautiful bouquets and the flowers. It made the ceremony and reception so beautiful and memorable. Thank you for your flexibility and concern. Although there were only 10 of us there , it was truly a beautiful day..

Gloria - Mother of the Bride

Eli & Lacey's Wedding

Vivian, Sydney and Danna did an amazing job on my wedding flowers!  I had a specific look and ideas I was going​ for, and Vivian took the time to meet with me and discuss options.  I showed her pictures of flowers I liked and she was able to recreate what I had imagined!  She also created a beautiful flower border for the arbor my husband and I stood under.  She really took her time with me and worked to make sure everything looked the way we wanted.  Our bouquets and boutonnieres looked amazing and she was able to help us stick to our budget.  I trust Vivian, Sydney and Danna 100 percent, and have faith you will be happy with their work too!  I am still receiving compliments, on my wedding flowers, to this day!


Anthony & Beth's Wedding

I could not thank Viv and Danna enough for their beautiful work at my wedding! My special day came with absolutely no worries because of their confidence and vision. These two ladies work with patience and dedication and are truly a joy to have as part of your wedding team! The attention they pay to detail had an end result that was one of a kind! Best decision I made for my wedding was having their services.


Austin & Brandi's Wedding

Bob & Allette's Wedding

Thank you to Abby with Abby Glenn Photography for the amazing photos!

Working along beside you was a pleasure.

Thank you Danna and Viv for creating such a stunning, romantic backdrop and working so hard to make our day perfect!!



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