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 Petunia has arrived!

Our adventure with Petunia started back in November 2017. We had been looking for vintage trailers for about a year. While Viv was in New Mexico visiting her daughters, she just happened to come upon a site that had a trailer, we both thought it would be perfect for Southern Flower Bucket. As Viv and her daughters were traveling through the mountains that day in Taos chasing cell service through many dropped calls and texts they finally found a mountain top with cell service so they could talk to sweet Beth, the owner of the trailer. After a fun conversation negotiating with Beth, Viv and Danna made the deal! With the help of Des and Christine we were able to figure out how to get our payment to go through successfully. Two weeks later we were on the road to Apache Junction, Arizona. This was just the start on our adventurous journey. We had lots of fun with cactus photos, cacti in us, lots of laughs and lots of Starbucks. What we thought would only be an hour and half hook up ended up being a full day and half.  Within the first 15 minutes we thought all was great because all the lights worked , BUT the fun loving partner Viv was looking at Danna's Navigator lights instead of the trailer lights. Needless to say they did not work at all. So we spent until dark making many trips to the auto parts store, splicing wires and working on other hookups. After many many calls to our husbands and our mechanic, we gave up for the day and decided we needed large margaritas. At dawn the next day we were back out at the trailer trying to decide what to do. We finally decided to take our husbands advice and picked up the magnetic towing lights. Yes.... we were finally on the road to Texas with Petunia in tow.   WOOHOO!!!!

We have had so much fun working and sweating on Petunia and adding our touches to her. At the beginning of the year we took on the motto "FOLLOW YOUR HEART". One of Danna's sweet sisters, Teresa, designed the decal motto for the back of our trailer. We love y'all, Teresa, Des and Christine, for the help you all gave us in getting Petunia. We also hope everyone loves her as much as we do......

Please contact us per rental prices of Petunia.  We rent her out for weddings, events, photo booths and she is so cute for cake/candy bar areas.

We can also help set up for family and friends holiday photo shoots!!

Photos of our adventure to pick up Petunia

Before pictures of Petunia

Here’s what we’ve been working on

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